Antanina Logatskaya was born in Minsk, Belarus and her growth as an artist began in 2007 when she started taking classes in flora design at the Palace of Art in Minsk.  During 2007-2009 she began participating in different flora art exhibitions while attending Belorussian National Technical University.  In 2010 Antanina was inspired by one of the modern artists and decided to challenge herself in oil on canvas paintings. She learned all the techniques on her own and over the years developed her own unique style of painting.  In 2011 she graduated from university with a bachelor degree in world economics, however her desire to create art continued to increase.

        In 2011 Antanina took a leap of faith and followed her dream to move to Washington DC.  Once there she continued growing and creating her special brand of art while taking advantage of every opportunity to get in front of people who could

appreciate her work. This lead to her art being displayed in several exhibitions, painting in live forums for a few social events, and managing her own pop-up art exhibition in Alexandria, VA. In August 2015 she was interviewed by WLVS Radio on the Renee Allen Show where her personality and art began reaching thousands of newly adorning fans. Antanina recently moved and currently resides in Dallas, TX where she is continuing to expand her capabilities with new techniques.  In an effort to give back to the art community, she has taken to working with local area children in teaching them the basics of art on several different mediums.  This opportunity to give back and inspire others, as she was once inspired, continues to be a highlight of her passion for art.

        Antanina is capable and proficient at working with various art mediums. All of her art projects are unique and custom requiring input from the purchaser.